Will animation become the big UI trend of 2015?

London-based design & technology agency Athon says “yes” (http://www.creativebloq.com/animation/will-animation-be-big-ui-trend-2015-21514144) and we tend to agree.

As far as Mobile apps and Software apps go it simply makes sense. Animated interfaces (done well) are more engaging and more intuitive.   They also support better story-telling, one of the key pillars of a good customer experience.

But animation (in these kinds of large doses) won’t be for everyone. Why? It simply costs more time & money to build a user interface this way. So it’s great for the Apple’s and Oakley’s of the world (as referenced in their article), where every extra inch of user and customer experience can yield significant financial benefits (and can be easily funded in advance) – but much harder for smaller businesses to achieve across their digital assets.

But this doesn’t mean you need to miss out completely. Well-placed animation can certainly help improve usability & engagement across your website, software and mobile apps if you have / need one for your business. You just need to use it judiciously and particularly in areas that are likely to help drive business goals and conversion.