JuniorCru Illegal guns TVC scores Crime Stoppers International award

The Illegal Firearms 3,2,1 30 second TVC and online pre-roll video won the Crime Stoppers International Award for ‘Best Television Public Service Announcement for communities over 3 million’. The announcement was made at the Crime Stoppers International Conference in Capetown South Africa.

The campaign objective was to generate reports and get illegal guns off the streets.

The 3,2,1 campaign used print, radio, outdoor and a geo-targeted mobile advertising.

Media targeting focused on members of the public “on the edges of the criminal world.” These individuals may have been concerned about firearms in the possession of friends and relatives. A heavy weight of mobile advertising was chosen as it offered the chance to browse campaign materials, and make their reports privately with a far lower risk of being discovered by those they were intending to report. A guarantee of anonymity was a key factor in the campaign call to action.

Geo-targeting of mobile, print and convenience advertising added effectiveness.

Results to date

  • 199 telephone calls
  • 70 website reports
  • Total of 270 intelligence submissions
  • 83 weapons seized
  • 50 persons charged on 123+ charges
  • Ammunition and gelignite seized

The campaign worked so well in Queensland that Crimestoppers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales,

Tasmania and the Northern Territory also utilised the campaign.