Google Targets Television…Ads

Poor acting, low budget filming, and local celebrities looking very uncomfortable. These are the traits of local advertisements and now thanks to Google you will be able to ‘enjoy’ them more regularly…. Targeted television ads, it was only a matter of time.

Google, recently announced it would begin trialling targeted local television ads across the US via its online cable television platform, Google Fiber. The ads will be dictated by the viewer’s location and viewing habits, with the option for those who don’t want their viewing history used for advertising purposes to opt out.

Google has taken its data driven advertising approach that it uses online, to the more traditional world of television and it makes sense. The move could spark a huge change for the industry and change the way television ads are viewed and sold. Advertisers would be afforded the same type of control when targeting their audience, as they have when advertising online. The shift would mean that people in the same city, suburb or street would see different ads while watching the same show. Remarkable. Recorded programs will also be monitored to ensure the ads that appear during the program are relevant to the time of viewing and are not dated.

While, Google Fiber is currently only available across the US, it won’t take long for rival companies across the world to begin adopting a data driven TV advertising approach. And as a result TV as we know it will change forever. So, Welcome. Welcome to the era where your TV now watches you… Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds.

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